Classic Minestrone Soup

Vegetarian minestrone soup with Parmesan on top

Finally! It’s about time this blog offered a traditional minestrone soup recipe. Minestrone is a hearty Italian vegetable soup made with tomato-y broth and pasta or rice. I’ve been working hard on this recipe and I’m so excited to share it with you.

Minestrone was traditionally made to use up leftover vegetables, so feel free to use whichever seasonal vegetables and greens you have on hand. I used potatoes and spinach for the soup you see here, and it was absolutely delicious.

minestrone soup ingredients

I used canned beans here instead of cooking my own, which cuts the cooking time down to a more reasonable weeknight level. The remaining ingredients are basic pantry items, including canned tomatoes, pasta, basic spices and onions. This minestrone is easy to make and totally worth the effort.

This hearty minestrone packs great for lunch, and tastes even better the next day. I’m confident it will freeze and defrost well, too. If your minestrone experiences so far have been limited to the Olive Garden or store-bought varieties, you have been missing out.

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