DIY Winter Wonderland Toilet Bowl Cleaner Bombs

Toilet Bowl Cleaner Bomb Holidays

I never fully appreciated the need for toilet deodorizers, until I moved into a home with one bathroom.

Did I mention that I also have three boys? Yeah.

Having just one bathroom means that toilet deodorizers have become my best friend. They are easy and affordable to make, plus you can customize them any way you like.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner Bomb for The Holidays

I always follow this toilet bombs recipe and they turn out perfectly every time! They only take five minutes to make and leave my toilet sparkling clean.

This year we are planning on having guests for the holidays. I was a little nervous about having only one bathroom, but thought to put this fun twist on the toilet bowl cleaner bomb recipe to make it a useful, holiday bathroom decoration.

Winter wonderland seemed like something that could take my toilet bowl cleaner bomb recipe from simple to special. With a few essential oils and a little sparkle, they were finished in no time.

Essential Oils to Use

One of my favorite essential oils to use during winter is spearmint. It is naturally deodorizing, safe to use around kids, and smells slightly sweeter than peppermint. Spearmint essential oil has a fresh minty aroma that works well for a multitude of complaints.

Another oil I love to use is juniper berry essential oil. It also has a fresh clean aroma that smells similar to fresh pine trees. When combined with spearmint, it reminds me of picking out our Christmas tree each year! It is also safe to use around kids. Juniper berry balances out the sweet spearmint and gives this toilet bomb a fresh earthy aroma.

Other Effective/Festive Ingredients

The citric acid and baking soda also add to the deodorizing effect. No need to worry about masking unwanted scents, these bath bombs will neutralize the odor! Just drop one into the toilet and let the fizz do the work. Simply flush and you are done.

I also added a little fine glitter to my toilet bombs. Yes, I realize that it will leave glitter in my toilet, but I LOVE that idea. It’s a little extra holiday magic and definitely screams “winter wonderland!” If you don’t like the idea of glitter, leave it out. It won’t affect the recipe.

I put these decorative toilet bombs in a mason jar and set them on the bathroom counter. I also tied a little “toilet deodorizer” tag to the mason jar so my guests would know what they are.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner Bomb Holiday Recipe



  1. Measure baking soda, citric acid, and glitter and combine in the gallon zip-top bag. Close and shake to mix.
  2. Open the bag and spray 2-3 times with water. Close the bag and knead all the ingredients until small clumps begin to form. Keep kneading until all the water is evenly distributed.
  3. If your mixture resembles pie dough, or if you can press the mixture between your fingers and it holds its shape, you are done. If not, spray 1-2 more times with water and mix evenly again.
    • Don’t add too much water or your mixture will become coarse and crumbly as it dries. Mine looked like slightly wet sand when it was finished.
  4. Measure in essential oils, close bag, and mix well once again. Make sure the essential oils get distributed evenly.
  5. Measure out the mixture into silicone molds. I used this snowflake mold that I found in the baking section of my local craft store. You can also use a measuring spoon to shape little disks if you don’t have a silicone mold.
  6. Pack the molds TIGHTLY until you can’t fit any more in.
  7. Set molds aside to dry. I left my molds for a little under one day. I made sure to touch the exposed side to be sure it was dry.
  8. Gently unmold. Toilet bombs will be fragile at first, but will harden over time. I left mine to dry for a few more days before storing them in a mason jar.

To Use

Drop one toilet bomb into the toilet bowl as needed.

Have you ever made toilet bombs? If so, share your experience below!


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