Mexican Brown Rice



Thank you for being patient with me on this rice recipe that I promised you last week. I made this rice about six times as I was packing up all of my stuff. Want to guess how many jars of coconut oil I’ve found after unpacking in a larger kitchen with ample cabinet space?

Seven. Seven jars of coconut oil. Seems excessive to me, does it seem excessive to you? I’m stocked for a while.


I’m excited to finally share this healthier Mexican rice recipe with you. To tell you the truth, I rarely get excited about Mexican rice when I’m eating out. It tends to be a little mushy and a little bland. Since they make it with white rice, eating that rice is a sure-fire way for me to feel cranky-hungry a few hours later. I often just ask for more beans instead.

So, a Mexican rice recipe wasn’t on my radar to make until Mallika emailed to request it a few months ago. Here it is, Mallika! Mine calls for long-grain brown rice, which is first rinsed to remove starches that can make rice clumpy, and then lightly toasted in oil for extra flavor and separation.

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