Roasted Breakfast Potatoes

Amazing crispy roasted breakfast potatoes (also called home fries!) -

Is there anything better than a hearty breakfast of crispy breakfast potatoes and eggs after a late night? No, I don’t think there is.

I’ve long relegated breakfast potatoes to indulgent breakfast status, but I finally figured out how to roast delectably crisp, diner-style home fries at home. These will definitely make an appearance at my next brunch, and probably on the dinner table, too. They’re that good.

how to make breakfast potatoes

Potatoes have a bad reputation, but red potatoes actually have a number of redeeming qualities. One medium red potato has about one-third of your daily Vitamin C requirement, plus four grams of protein and three grams of fiber (source). Just buy organic, if possible, and don’t peel off the skin, which is where most of that goodness resides.

I see no reason not to make these whenever the craving strikes, especially when you’re serving them with a protein-rich accompaniment, like eggs. Throw something fresh and green into the mix and you have yourself a gourmet, healthy brunch!

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