Anything-Goes Kale Salad with Green Tahini Dressing

Here's how to throw together a wholesome meal-in-a-bowl salad (the trick is the dressing!) -

Now that the cookbook insanity has calmed down, I’m trying to get back to better habits. Taste testing all day can be tiresome, and the regular breakfast/lunch/dinner routine flies out the window pretty fast.

I know, you think it sounds so great, until your belly is full and you’re staring down yet another muffin. That’s usually when I go on a tirade about the subjectivity of flavor and want to sit on the beach with some multiplication flash cards. At least you always get the right answer with math.

tahini kale salad ingredients

I’ve resolved to get more sleep and eat a big green salad every day, and I’ve been keeping my salad resolution as long as the supplies are ready. Pre-washed greens and homemade salad dressing are the two key ingredients. Leftover cooked grains are great to have on hand, too. They add bulk and sticking power.

Today, I thought I’d share my favorite combination, for those who are in a salad rut. It starts with a base of massaged kale and warmed, leftover cooked grains (I’m partial to long-grain brown rice and farro, but quinoa is great, too), and random veggies from the vegetable drawer.

The kicker is a super flavorful lime, jalapeño and cilantro dressing, which is creamy, thanks to some tangy tahini. This salad would keep great until lunchtime, if you’re packing your lunch, and it’s also easy to throw together at home. Hooray for salads!

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