Spain – The Best Laid Plans… Part 2

The Best Laid Plans…..

At last, the day had arrived for the moringa to be delivered following many delays. We eagerly awaited the delivery driver’s call, to escort him from the town to Paco’s finca. Upon arrival, we opened the back of the lorry…..

I have never seen such a sorry looking bunch of plants in all my life! The 80 trays that were supposed to contain 200 plants each – didn’t. Many had not germinated, and the ones that had sprouted were tiny, weedy, pathetic. Here they are:


(spot the plant)

When we sought an explanation, we were told that March was a dreadful month weather wise, and it was not warm enough for the seeds to sprout as they were tropical plants. Apparently, if we left them in the trays and if the weather got warmer, they would eventually sprout and grow.

I was really not amused……

Still – the next day, the avocado plants were due to arrive. We waited. It was pouring with rain, wet and windy. When we got the call, we hightailed it down town, to find the biggest artic lorry I had ever seen. We explained that Paco lived down a single dirt track in the countryside, and there was no way he was going to fit down there, let alone turn around and get back. We asked him to drop the pallet in the layby where we would wait for Javi to come with his trailer.

Ah – the driver had no means of getting the pallet off the lorry!

Eventually Javi turned up, and we manhandled all the trees one by one. At least we had them, although we were soaked to the skin and my back had started to play up.

Now all we had to do was wait until the rain stopped, so we could start planting!

A couple of days later, and we were ready to plant, all hands on deck. However, the Spanish culture was yet to deal another blow. Javi had bought the chicken wire to go all around the plot, but he had forgot to mention that he hadn’t actually erected it. The surrounding countryside was full of wild rabbits, and it wouldn’t have been long before the whole crop of moringa would have been devoured. So another day wasted, and more frustration. I then received a call from Javi. The good news was the fence was up. The bad news was that he had miscalculated, and the fence was 8 metres short which meant another trip to the agricultural warehouse to get some more, with more delays…..

It was decided (they probably realised I was none too happy) that they would work all through the weekend to get the job done. As I write, all the avocados are planted, and quite a lot of moringa. Well, at least the ones that were big enough to be planted!

As they say ‘the best laid plans of mice and men´…..but this is Spain, so you have to bend with the wind, or suffer from stress overload. I guess the normally wonderful climate makes it all quite bearable!




One of the better moringa plants


Planting gets under way at last


Hope springs eternal……

Lets find out how things are progressing – or not as the case may be!

Karen and Trevor Blake

copyright 2016 All rights reserved

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