Spain – The Spanish Experiments Part 3

I had always wanted to try out different eco projects, and investigate ways of helping the world solve their various problems caused by an ever increasing world population. So when we decided to semi-retire and live our Spanish Dream, I saw that as an opportunity to try out some of the eco projects that I had always wanted to try. I reckoned that if we all thought outside the box we could come up with ideas and methods that would benefit mankind forever. All we had to do was to get hearts and minds working on it, and pump some ideas and enthusiasm into everyone to get them thinking on the same lines.

dirty beachWe originally started our eco company, Wikaniko (We Can Eco) because we were absolutely horrified about the damage we and everyone else was causing to the environment by using plastic. This came to light when the huge plastic islands were discovered in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, caught in a gyratory system and growing bigger by the day. We were shocked when we saw vast beaches in dream locations covered in the flotsam and jetsam of everyday life. We were totally disgusted with what the people were doing to the world we live in.

To date, Wikaniko has played a small but important part in making a difference, by supplying eco friendly alternatives. You can find us by clicking here. Our biggest success is, I feel, the introduction of the d2w bag range, where dog/nappy waste bags, black bin bags, pedal bin bags and freezer bags all disappear into air and water in 18 months or so. To date we have sold over 1 million of these bags and continue to sell them every day. All in all we have over 1000 products – but we wanted to contribute so much more, using our finances and resources.

We are happy to say that many individuals and organisations are now on the case about the plastic islands, and many innovative ideas are now beginning to have an impact on this waste, but above all else, they are bringing the problem into the spotlight which has got to be good.


But plastic is not the only problem as you know. The rain forests, global warming, pollution, famine, disease – it just goes on and on. I think this is why so many people don’t even try to be more eco friendly. They think it is a waste of time as they are just one individual in a population of 8 billon people. So what difference can they really make on their own?

The answer is simple. We can all make a world of difference if we each do our bit. So let’s show you what we are doing to enthuse, excite and amuse you. I say amuse, because as much as we find things that work, we’ve found a whole load that don’t! It is a journey that makes fascinating reading, and on occasions is quite funny.

Look out for the next part!